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TASER® Technology - C2 FAQ

TASER® technology is becoming extremely popular with today's security conscience consumers. Less than five years ago the TASER® was reserved mostly for law enforcement agencies. Not the case any longer. TASER® devices are now available to law abiding citizens as a means of non-lethal self defense. The TASER® C2 is the civilian model of choice (there are others) and the reason is the size, the price, and the awesome stopping power. If you are not familiar with the product or you want more information visit us for much more information. TASER C2 If you are familiar with TASER® we've put together an FAQ that may help you decide if this is the right self defense product for you. 1. What is a TASER C2™ device? A TASER C2 is a small hand held personal safety weapon that is very effective at stopping attacks up to 15 feet away. It works by shooting out two probes; the probes deliver an electric shock that makes muscles lock up. The result is temporarily incapacitation of the attacker, allowing you to get out of harm’s way and call 911. 2. What is the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee? God forbid you have to use the TASER C2 to protect yourself; but if you do and it is not recovered, send TASER International a copy of the police report showing that you used your TASER C2® to protect yourself, and TASER will replace your unit free of charge*. Your life is worth more than the cost of a TASER C2 *Applies only to incidents that occur in the United States. 3. Is it legal to carry a TASER C2 device? In most, but not all states. TASER devices are restricted from possession in Washington, DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI. Also, it is illegal for TASER devices to be carried or shipped out of the United States. 4. Do I have to register my TASER C2 device? Yes. TASER devices are "inactive" at the time of purchase. The owner is required to register the device in order to "activate" it. Registration requires you to pass a felony background check before receiving the activation code. The process is very quick and easy. This can be completed over the phone or online; there is a one-time registration fee of $9.95. 5. Are TASER electronic control devices considered firearms? TASER devices are not considered firearms by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF) because the TASER cartridge uses compressed, inert nitrogen gas to launch the probes instead of gun powder. 6. Can I bring a TASER C2 device with me on a plane? TASER devices cannot be carried onto a plane; you can however include the TASER device in your check baggage if you are traveling domestically to a state that allows possession. 7. Is the TASER C2 device the same model used by law enforcement? Exactly the same technology but the civilian and law enforcement models are different. The TASER C2 is designed for use by the general public and utilizes the same technology and stopping power as the law enforcement model, but in a smaller, easier-to-use size. 8. What if I miss my target? In a situation where you would miss the intended target with the projected probes, the TASER device has a backup feature that allows it to be used as a direct-contact electronic control device or stun gun. 9. What are AFID tags? AFID are Anti-Felon Identification tags. In a proactive effort to discourage illegal use of the TASER device; each TASER cartridge contains 20-30 small, confetti-like tags that have the serial number of the TASER cartridge imprinted on them. Should the TASER device fall into the wrong hands or if it is misused, law enforcement will be able to identify the registered owner. 10. How many times can I use a TASER cartridge? Each TASER cartridge can be used once; be sure to carry additional cartridges with you. 11. How does the TASER device shoot out the probes? The technology used to project or shoot out the probes is actually compressed and inert nitrogen. 12. How do I get more information? For more information visit our TASER C2 page.
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