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Wanted: Crime Against Children

The worst type of crime has to be those committed against children. Adults who take advantage of and manipulate children are animals. Sex crimes or molestations are on the rise, which means that our youth are at a greater risk today than ever before. There are 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States and nearly 25% are missing, meaning they are supposed to be registered but we can't find them and don't know where they are living. Not surprising the great majority of sex offenders are adult males (96%). Rareyly are the offenders of young victims strangers. Statistics show that in just 3% of reported sexual assualts were strangers the offenders. So in almost all cases these animals are people you know and often trust. 1 in 5 violent offenders serving time in a state prison reported having victimized a child. -BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991. 2/3 of all prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault had committed their crime against a child. -BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991. In an attempt to expose these criminals for what they are we have decided to begin profiling some of the FBI's most wanted for all to see. Andrew Brantz Wanted for Attempted Child Molestation, Dangerous Crimes Against Children Mr. Brantz is a convicted sexual predator and wanted for child molestation in Arizona. This animal was convicted of molesting a familiy member and juvenile. He was sentenced to 5 years of which he served all of 6 months. Upon his release he is believed to have molested another family member under the age of 15. He's been on the run but it's time that justice be served. Wanted for Criminal Sexual Conduct Curtis Lee Brovold is wanted for his alleged sexual molestation of a 14 year old girl. He met this girl on the Internet in February of 2000. According to reports he used the Internet (mostly) to communicate with the girl. After a 6 month online relationship, Brovold flew to the young girl hometown. He took her to a motel and engaged in numerous sex acts. Instead of appearing on his court date, he ran and is still running today. Together we can make a difference and bring these animals to justice. The personal security of our youth depends on it.
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