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Animal Repellents - Protection Againt Dogs and Bears

Have you every been attacked by an aggressive dog? If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a camper, hunter or fisherman you may have encountered bears. Whether its man's best friend or a black bear; an unfriendly encounter can ruin everything. As an animal lover it bothers me that you have so many people choose to own dogs; then act as irresponsible pet owners. Most dog attacks could have been avoided had the pet's owner taken the appropriate steps to secure their animal. If you have problems with aggressive canines it would be wise to invest in dog spray. Dog Spray Our Mace brand dog spray is EPA approved which means it is environmentally safe to use. More importantly its a powerful and painful oc pepper spray. Proven effective against aggressive dogs; Mace dog spray makes perfect sense. If you work or play outdoors, dog spray is a must have product. Mace brand dog spray is equipped with a flip top safety device. Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, slip your thumb under the safety cover and press down on the red button. The pepper spray is has an effective range of about 10 feet. One canister will last for approximately 10 one-second bursts. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use the dog spray, aim for the eyes, nose and mouth. MUZZLE dog spray is an organic pepper-based compound which causes extreme irritation if applied to a dog's nose, eyes, or mouth. Effects begin within a few seconds of contact causing a dog to cower and retreat. It is normal for most dogs to roll on the ground and rub their eyes in an attempt to remove the spray from the facial area. The painful, irritating effects usually wear off 10 minutes, leaving the dog totally unharmed, but giving you the ability to get out of harms way. Bear encounters can be deadly if your not prepared. Bear spray is proven to deter bear attacks and if used properly can be more effective than a lethal option such as a shot gun. Bear Spray Guard Alaska bear repellent is the only bear spray available that is EPA approved for use against ALL species of bear. This is the main reason that Guard Alaska is the number one manufacturer of bear repellent. How important is a good quality bear spray? Well many states now have hunting laws that require the possession of bear spray n areas where bears are common or likely. At 1.34% Capsaicinoids, Guard Alaska is one of the most powerful formulas available. The Alaska Science & Technology Foundation endorse the product. You can expect an effective range of up to 20 feet. The spray pattern is a high pressure fogger and the canister retains it's potency for 3 years. Don't go out to bear country without purchasing you can of bear repellent.
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