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Wildfire Premium Pepper Spray

If you are looking for a premium law enforcement grade pepper spray defense product, look no further. Our Wildfire series will exceed all of expectations and with eight different models we offer something for everyone. Wildfire Pepper Spray Wildfire is independently tested by Washington Labs and here is what one of their scientists had to say about the formula. "One of the hottest sprays we tested! The Wildfire 18% formula is one of the hottest, and more importantly, the fastest reacting spray we've ever tested. This spray immediately permeates the pores of the skin, closes the eyes, and inhibits the respiratory system. What makes this product so effective is the purity of the pepper used in formulating this product...only food grade grade 3 million or 4 million scoville heat units pepper used." Larry Harris, Washington Labs There are lots of pepper spray products on the market today. Sometimes it can become confusing to consumers and some companies market their products as something they are not. All of the defense sprays that we carry at Guardian Self Defense undergo extensive testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. Wildfire is an excellent choice for both consumers as well as private security, law enforcement and crowd control type personnel. We offer the product in 8 sizes which include half ounce keychain units, 1.5 ounce keychain units, 4 ounce canisters, 9 ounce and 1 pound units. Beginning with our 4 ounce sizes you have the option of a stream or fog spray pattern. In addition, our 9 ounce and one pound products offer pistol grip or fire master tops. Wildfire is a 18% premium OC defense spray and rated at 3 million scoville heat units. In English that means, you are getting a very powerful and potent product that will stop an attacker almost instantly. One of the great benefits to using pepper spray is that it non-lethal and will not cause any permanent injury or damage. The other great benefit is you have the ability to stop an attacker from a distance. With Wildfire you get extended range over most other pepper spray products. For example, the smallest keychain unit will give you up to 10 feet of effective range and the 1 pound units will give you an amazing 30 feet of effective range. I encourage anyone who is looking for a premium law enforcement quality pepper spray product to give Wildfire a look. You will be impressed with the selection, price and quality. God forbid you actually have to use it but if you do you can be confident that if used correctly it will work instantly and give you time to get yourself to safety.
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