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Assault And Robbery Of Cyclist-How to Prevent It

This is a story about a how a 17-year-old was riding his bicycle when two men jumped out of a car and started assaulting him and then robbed him. This happened in Pittsfield, Maine. The men who did the assault are awaiting arraignment. The 17-year-old was stabbed in the leg and is recovering. You can read the whole story HERE. We have always felt that people who are bicyclists, runners or walkers are particularly susceptible to attacks either by humans or especially dogs. They usually run or walk or cycle and relatively secluded areas at hours of the day when there aren't many witnesses around. For that reason alone they need some self defense product protection and one of the best on the market today is the Mace Jogger Spray. It has enough OC spray for 10-20 short bursts up to 12 feet away. This is how to prevent an assault when running, walking or cycling-get a jogger pepper spray. It has a velcro strap that fits onto your hand so it is with you all the time.
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