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Tasers-Why You Should Have One?

Here's a story out of a Stoneham, MA newspaper where the police chief talks about why they need. tasers for their police force. He points out that most law enforcement agencies now have them. You can read the whole story here HERE. In part the police chief said "In 2011, several difficult situations cropped up that put officers and suspects at risk of injury that could have been resolved more efficiently and safely had the department had Tasers" according to the police chief Richard Bongiorno "It completely debilitates and subdues an individual—it’s quite painful—but it’s not lethal and the effects of the Taser wear off in approximately a minute and a half and that gives us ample time to neutralize a suspect with no injury, and after that minute and a half it’s like nothing ever happened." Our Taser C2 does the same thing that police officer tasers do with less range and less bells and whistles. The range on enforcement officer tasers are up to 35 feet-civilian taser's only 15 feet. They are the premier nonlethal self defense product in the world with nearly 100% take down rate. When your life is on the line why shouldn't you have one?
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