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Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Triple Pack

Not a day passes without a handful of customers calling or emailing us to ask the million dollar question; "What pepper spray product do you recommend...?" The customer will continue to explain the situation and the immediate reason for needing the pepper spray. On average eight out of every ten customers have their expectations exceeded with the same product. I guess what I'm trying to say is though situations are unique and may require a special pattern or formula; most customers cannot go wrong with our Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Triple Pack. The Pepper Shot Triple Pack is the best value in the industry for a few reasons, the price is unbeatable, it is extensively tested, and it is made in the USA. You get a three product bundle pack that includes a half ounce quick release keychain pepper spray, another half ounce auto visor spray, and a 2 ounce ballistic stream. Use the keychain spray as your "go everywhere, take it with you" unit. The auto visor model clips on to the sun visor in your car. The 2 ounce is perfect for personal security at home. Many pepper spray products are not made in the USA, instead they are manufactured overseas and shipped in. Costs associated with foreign made pepper spray are much lower, but the resulting product is also low quality junk. All sprays are not the same, the label may say or claim something that is totally unfounded. Our entire line of self defense pepper spray and Mace are manufactured and tested right here in the USA. The Pepper Shot product is a 10% formula producing true 2 millon scoville heat units. All units have the expiration date stamped on the canister, so you know it is fresh. Testing ensures consistency in potency, range, self life, and many other factors you just cannot afford to skimp on. In a largely self regulated industry, many unscrupulous manufacturers looking to make a quick buck make claims about their pepper spray products that simply are not true. These companies are here today and gone tomorrow. Pepper Shot on the other hand, has been around for over two decades. Literally millions of consumers trust Pepper Shot for what it consistently brings to the table. Self Defense Pepper Spray
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