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Berkeley Campus Sexual Assaults

Here is a story out of Business Week Magazine about how College Sexual Assaults are (mis) handled. According to the story four women reported that the same student assaulted them. A school administrator asked that they put their story in writing and submit the stories to the administrator. For one reason or another, the written accounts never got filed. One of the students claim that the verbal accounting of the story should have been enough but the students (complainants) were convinced the school did nothing. The perpetrator was allowed to go on a summer travel program and remained a member of the political club. One of the students didn't hear anything from the school for months but finally, eight months after she reported her assault, she received two three-sentence e-mails from Berkeley saying her case was resolved and the student was found “in violation of the code of conduct.” He graduated in December 2012. Fast-forward to February 2014. The student wasn't satisfied so she and 30 other current and former students filed two complaints with the U.S. Department of Education charging that the school violated their Title IX rights by mishandling their cases and, in some instances, discouraging them from filing reports. The 70-page, 35,000-word document alleges negligence, botched investigations, and general incompetence, and includes incidents that date to the 1970s. The very best way that women on a college campus can defend themselves against the sexual assault on or off campus is with the self-defense product. We always recommend one that's on a keychain because it's more likely to be with you all the time. And you never know when you could be assaulted.
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