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College Safety Kit - Self Defense Weapons

Are you the parent or relative of a college aged student and concerned about their safety? Maybe you are a student concerned about security on campus? Unfortunately, crime is very real on every college campus. Violent crime, petty crime, and other varieties of illegal behaviors occur in all universities around the country. Here are some stats reported by the Office of Post Secondary Education for 2008.
  • 23,686 - The number of reported burglarys.
  • 2355 - The number of reported forcible sexual assaults.
  • 1897 - The number of reported aggravated assaults.
  • 1127 - The number of reported robberies.
One of the best things you can do is take a proactive approach toward personal security and campus safety. Take the first step by arming yourself with non-lethal self defense weapons that really work. A complete self defense, home security and automotive safety safety solution from Guardian Self Defense. This ulta popular safety pack includes the Runt 4.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun, the Pepper Shot Triple Pack Defense Sprays, Hot Walkers Exercise Weights with pepper spray defense, a Dual Function Door Brace, Home Safe Auto Dialer Security and Safety Alarm, and the 4 in 1 Auto Emergency Tool. The Runt 4.5 million volt stun gun defines power, reliability, and convenience. This stun gun is very small, only 3.5 inches tall. You can wear it on your belt, clip it to your purse or conceal in the palm of your hand. This mini stun gun is rechargeable so you'll never need to purchase batteries. Stun guns work by a high voltage, low amperage shock to deter an attack. Stun guns are very effective self defense tools. Anyone who lives in a dorm, apartment or rental home needs the Dual Function Door Brace. Simple and proven effective, the brace offers affordable and dependable entry way security. Secure your standard hinged doors as well as sliding glass doors. It is made of 20 gauge steel. Deter and prevent forced entry or home invasions with the door brace. This infrared motion alarm with auto dialer provides 24/7 protection and piece of mind. When the unit is ARMED, the motion detector watches the protected area. If motion is detected, a 105dB security alarm will sound while the auto dialer goes into action calling up to 5 preset telephone numbers selected by you. This auto dialer alarm also has a chime mode, so you can use store, where a chime will alert you when motion is detected. Pepper Shot Triple Pack is complete pepper spray protection. Carry the keychain unit with you anywhere, place the 2 ounce unit in your bedroom and mount the auto visor unit in your vehicle. The Automotive Emergency Tool is a four in one must have vehicle safety tool. This valuable tool combines a bright LED flashlight, with blinking strobe emergency light, plus a glass break hammer and seat belt cutter. Finally, the Mace Hot Walkers combine walking weights with pepper spray to create a genious product for walkers, bikers, joggers or any exercise enthusiast. For more information on this Ultimate College Safety Kit visit us today!
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