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Cowardly Act Kills 4 Police Officers

At a young age I was taught to respect law enforcement officers. I learned that these individuals were to be trusted and should trouble arise these guys and girls were the ones who would show up to help. My next door neighbor growing up was a New Orleans Police Department Officer. My uncle was a high ranking officer who later ran for for sheriff of my home town. Many of my relatives and friends had law enforcement backgrounds. Today my youngest brother puts on his bullet proof vest every day and goes out to "protect and serve". So I think it's easy to see why I hold such a high opinion of these hero's.

Early today 4 police officers in Washington State were shot and killed in what appears to be a targeted attack. These are the types of crimes that are unreprehensible, disgusting and physically make me ill. Why would someone walk into a coffee shop at 8:15am this morning and ambush 4 police officers as they sat with laptops open catching up on paperwork? What was the shooters motivation?

Each time a tragedy like this occurs I immediately think of my brother. It could have been him just the same. The bottom line is, after our soldiers, law enforcement personnel are the group of people that sacrifice the most so that you and I can do what we do. Without the police, society as we know it would not exist. In nearly no time the criminals would take over. Everyday thousands of men and women put their lives on the line for you and me. The pay is not good, most pick up private details to help make ends meet. It takes a very special person to wear a badge.

Are there bad cops? Of course, but whether you are a doctor, teacher, or business owner you will always encounter those who are in it for the wrong reasons. The vast majority are good and honest people who love what they do and accept the responsibility it brings with open arms.

We should all take a moment to pray for the families of these fallen heroes. Pray that justice will be served in due time. The next time you see an officer tell them thank you. As you raise children and grandchildren instill in them the importance of what the police do. Teach your youngsters to show respect to these men and women who make most of the things we take for granted possible.

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