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Pepper Spray Training, Preparation, and Awareness

I don't have many people ever challenge the effectiveness of pepper spray or Mace. The bottom line is, a good defense spray works well and works very quickly. If you have doubts then I would challenge you to be sprayed in the face with one of our pepper spray or Mace products. They WILL make a believer out of you! The thing about carrying a self defense product like pepper spray is that it's only effective if you use it. I stress this over and over but many of us don't heed the advice. If you are walking or jogging for exercise, the spray should be in your hand, finger on the safety, ready to spray. I see many females carrying it in a waist pouch or small purse; this won't work. Do you think the attacker is going to say, "Hey, get ready here I come." It doesn't work like that, you literally have seconds in most cases. Training, awareness, and preparation are three of the most important things when it comes to personal safety. You purchase a pepper spray product capable of stopping an attacker or aggressive dog nearly instantly. Do you know how to use it? Sure you've read the instructions and product description, but have you practiced with it? This is a must. How aware are you when you leave your home for work each morning? Would you be an easy target for an attacker? Do you have your spray in your hand and ready to use? God forbid, but what if someone was hiding on the side of your vehicle and waiting to attack? If the spray is not in hand, your chances of getting to it in time are simply not good. If however, you've practiced with it, you are aware of your surroundings and prepared with spray in hand; your chances of deterring or preventing attack just went through the roof! This is very serious stuff. Hopefully you will never, ever have to use any self defense weapon. Unfortunately, statistics show that many of us will have the opportunity. You can greatly improve the chance of a successful outcome through practice, preparation, and training. Make your personal safety a priority in your life. Challenge friends and family to do the same!
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