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Dog Attack Kills Toddler/Grandma

Here's a story from the Fox affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona about Dog Attacks. A family there suffered a terrible tragedy when their nine-month-old baby was mauled by their pet dog-an Akita. The mother left the baby in the family room for a few minutes when the Akita knocked down a gate and went after the child. The dog apparently has a history of violence attacking both the older sister and the infant's mother. An official noted that it is not uncommon to keep dogs that have violent history but that all dogs matter how long they've been part of the family can turn on you an attack. Recently in Arizona, a 77-year-old woman was attacked while she was giving medicine to a dog that had been with the family for years. She subsequently died. Giving a dog plenty of exercise and training -- and doing this from the time they are puppies will help prevent attacks, no matter what breed of dog.
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