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Pepper Spray Disbursement Types

In today’s blog post we’re taking a look at different types of pepper sprays. The first way to differentiate them is by brand. We carry several top of the line brands of pepper sprays including Mace brand; Fox brand defensive sprays; Sabre defensive sprays; Guard Dog sprays; Pepper Shot sprays and more.

They each have their own characteristics that differentiate them from other products but the differences are slight. After all they all do the same thing.

The next biggest way to differentiate pepper sprays is by the spray pattern or disbursement method. The four types of disbursement methods are the stream or broken stream, the cone spray, foggers and foams.

Stream or broken stream is a shot with more force and thus has a longer range and less chance of blowback to your face, which might happen with a mist or the cone spray.

Cone spray is the next type. The advantage of using a cone spray is that it can cover a wider area, usually as much is 2 feet. The cone spray can travel 6 to 12 feet. It is highly susceptible to windy conditions. Because the mist in a cone spray is so fine it easily be inhaled, which can cause “instant choking and uncontrollable coughing.”

The fogger is the third disbursement method. It is more commonly used for multiple attackers, crowd control, and most commonly as a Bear Spray. A fogger is considered to be the fastest acting of all sprays.

Foam or Gel Sprays are the most effective in windy conditions and use a thick, heavy foam that can accumulate on a face making it virtually impossible to wipe off. Its effects are worse if you try to remove it. All you do then is grind the ingredients into your face making the pain worse.

sabre pepper spray

We like this Sabre Red Formula that uses a maximum strength pepper gel making it perfect for indoor use. Because it’s a gel it can spray up to 18 feet, longer than most sprays and foggers.

Do you carry pepper spray? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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