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Dog Attack Prevention Training

Here's an interesting story about how dog trainers can socialize dogs and Prevent Dog Attacks. It stems from several dog attacks in Central Texas over the last two weeks: one involved a dog attacking three children who were sent to the hospital; another involved a pitbull which mauled a little girl to death. Needless to say the community is in an uproar. "Dogs can be violent and kind of unruly and rowdy if they're not trained real well," Dolan said. "We had a problem with her jumping, so that's why we originally took her to get trained." Training stops annoying habits like jumping and keeps your dog from becoming dangerous. Dogs who have been penned up in the backyard become tense and have built up a layer of frustration and become very territorial. It's also important for parents to talk with their kids about how to deal with dogs. Trainers say any dog can be gentle, but it's up to the owners to make it happen. If you have a dog that shows signs of aggression like growling or biting, trainers can do "Behavior Adjustment Training" to analyze the dog's tension and change the way they respond.
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