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Domestic Violence Bill Passes-How to Protect Yourself

This is a story about how the U.S. Senate passed a re-authorization bill for domestic violence. Many people thought the original bill was too weak so they strengthened it and got it passed. This is a good sign and helps draw attention to what is in my opinion a national disgrace. Domestic violence occurs more often than any other crime, yet gets very little publicity. You can read the whole story right HERE. Women are not the only victims of domestic violence but are certainly the main ones. If you know someone who is in a domestic violence situation or are a victim yourself make sure you are aware of Pepper Spray Laws in your state before you start using a pepper spray as a self defense mechanism. There are many pepper sprays on the market today but Wildfire Spray is one of the strongest and as a bonus is one of the least expensive too. Make sure you check out our complete selection and wide variety of Pepper Sprays.
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