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Suggestions Regarding How To Feel Safe Every Time Going For Walks Alone In The Streets

One pal of mine is a bit paranoid when it comes to walking alone be it during the day or in the evening. Her knees literally buckle each time somebody approaches her to inquire about directions or for the time.

Her fear increased soon after she was nearly robbed on her way going to work once. So when she finally learned about such a thing as a stun gun phone she believed as if her prayers were answered.

A stun gun is a gadget that transmits an electrical shock to the body upon immediate contact. It paralyzes its target momentarily. However the user of the stun gun should take note that the weapon is non-lethal so that the incapacitation lasts only for a few moments. So it is advisable to get away rather than to face the opponent.

Stun guns come in different forms. Thanks to modern technology and the need to conceal weapons cleverly you can now see a number of disguised stun guns out there.

A disguised stun gun offers you the upper hand whenever you are attacked. Considering that the opponent has no idea that you're holding a stun gun he or she will be caught off guard.

One particular sample of this is a cell phone stun gun. It seems like a real mobile phone such as in certain cases a camera phone. Because of its appearance you can actually hold this small phone stun gun within your hand when walking by yourself or every time you feel unsafe.

Hence in order to feel safer whenever she goes out my pal after doing a bit of research obtained a 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun. She was able to test it on an unruly drunk who suddenly crumpled to the floor. Another excellent thing regarding her purchase is that it has a safety switch to prevent the user from stunning herself.

Today my buddy has no qualms regarding going out alone considering that she brings her stun gun mobile phone everywhere she goes. No one seems to ever suspect that it is a weapon.

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