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Fake Security Cameras Effective Yet Cheaper Home Security

It is a well-established fact that criminals will avoid a home that has security cameras when they're looking for places to burglarize. It is one of the best two or three deterrents to home burglary. But for reasons of cost-home security cameras can be expensive, instead many homeowners opt for fake security cameras instead. Fake security cameras offer some of the same physical characteristics of real security cameras including real housing; 24/7 blinking, flashing red LED lights; motion activated movement and realistic looking wiring. As a matter of fact, they are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference unless they are a trained professional or an untrained burglar from two or 3 feet away. For those reasons these fake security cameras offer effective yet cheaper home security and an inexpensive way to prevent home burglary. Here are two examples of what we're talking about:
Fake Dome Security Camera Fake Dome Security Camera-more details here
1. This Flashing Dome Camera looks just like a real high-tech security camera with a flashing red LED light that draws attention like a magnet. The camera can be installed with a simple screwdriver and comes with adjustable mounting brackets for wall or ceiling installation. The LED light operates on two AA batteries. An instruction manual comes with the product. This camera is completely weatherproof and is designed for outdoor use. The dome camera is the most common security camera in the world. They are commonly used indoors or outdoors.
Fake Bullet Security Camera Fake Bullet Security Camera-more details here
2. This Flashing Bullet Camera is a 7 inch infrared outdoor dummy camera with rain shield and has a solar powered, motion activated, flashing LED strobe light. It is completely weatherproof and is meant for outdoor use. It can be used for residential or small businesses. You can install the camera using the included mounting brackets and screws with a simple screwdriver. How easy is that? When you are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to prevent burglary and improve your home security, fake security cameras are the answer.
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