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Sabre Dog Pepper Spray A Must For Walkers, Joggers and Cyclists

Every week we read about dog attacks. It is true that most dog attacks and dog bites happen in the home against small children. That's hard to believe, but true. And the stories you hear about letter carriers getting bitten by dogs in the course of their duties are also true. That is not a myth that has gotten blown out of proportion.
dog chasing letter carrier As a matter of fact, letter carriers are the second biggest group of victims of dog attacks which is why the U.S.P.S. issues pepper sprays to all letter carriers for their self-defense. Pepper spray that is specifically designed as a defense against dog attacks has a little different formulation than other sprays which makes it particularly effective. Every year in the United States, close to 1 million victims get hospitalized from dog attacks and dog bites. That is only 20% of the total 5 million who actually get attacked.
SABRE DOG PEPPER SPRAY Sabre Dog Pepper Spray is an absolute must for people who love to exercise outdoors-for walkers, joggers and cyclists. It provides kind of serious protection from dog attacks that consumers demand. It comes in a 1.8 ounce canister that can provide 25 short bursts up to 15 feet away. It has a convenient clip which you can use to secure it to your belt, pocket or purse. While we would recommend that you always carry Sabre dog pepper spray with you when you're walking jogging or cycling outdoors, you should also learn to read a dog's body language for some self-defense. From WebMD "Your dog will also raise his ears up and forward when he’s feeling aggressive. If your dog has his ears pulled back slightly, he’s signalling his intention to be friendly. If his ears are completely flattened or stuck out to the sides of his head, he’s signalling that he’s frightened or feeling submissive." If a dog approaches you with a loping gait, he wants to play. If you smile at a dog he sees that as a sign of aggression. Learn more about a dog's body language to help you prevent dog bites and dog attacks, but always carry your Sabre dog pepper spray with you when you're outdoors.
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