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Father Uses Stun Gun On Pervert

The father of a 17 year old French Valley, California girl went ballistic after seeing an explicit picture sent to his daughter by a 23 year old man. Shortly after receiving a picture of a mans genitals on her cell phone, the teen informed her father who took matters into his own hands. The father did report the incident to local authorities, but what happened next has him in some hot water. The father contacted the youth to set up an apparent meeting between the two to discuss the inappropriate photo. The father greeted the 23 year old outside of their home by firing a shotgun in the air and ordering him out of the vehicle. He then threw the young man to the ground and pulled him by his feet into a back yard garage. Inside the garage, the young man was forced to strip down to his boxers and had his limbs bound with zip ties. Over the course of about an hour the father proceeded to verbally and physically assault the man. The victim alleged that he was shocked over and over again by a stun gun. He claims the stun gun shocked him multiple times in the shoulder area. After about an hour of torture the father contacted the locals sheriffs department. The responding deputies claimed the victim appeared to be extremely scared of something. He refused to speak and would not even open his eyes for several minutes. As the father of a young girl, its hard for me to find fault with the fathers actions, even though things appear to have gotten out of hand. We want to be able to protect our girls and demand that others treat them with respect. I would have hoped that cooler heads would have prevailed, but I do take comfort in the fact that the father decided to use a less than lethal weapon in a stun gun rather than a handgun or knife.
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