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Women Claims Self Defense In Stabbing

Rachel Wade stabbed and killed Sarah Ludemann about a year ago, the apparent result of a love triangle gone bad. Wade and Lundemann's were both involved with the same man Josh Camacho. Love and jealousy escalated into threats on both sides then finally a fight that turned deadly. Wade is facing second degree murder and a potential life sentence if convicted. She is claiming self defense and said the stabbing was not intentional but the result of her trying to protect herself. Wade says after receiving threating phone calls from both Camacho and Ludemann she grabbed a kitchen knife put it into her purse and went to a friends place for safety. Later that night Ludemann and two other females confronted Wade after tailing her vehicle. Wade got out with the knife and claims that Ludemann charged at her. In her attempt to defend herself she fatally stabbed Lundemann's. After reviewing the facts of this case thus far, if I was a jury member I would have to acquit Ms. Wad as the evidence suggests that though her intentions were indeed to prevent herself from harm. I can't help but think about how things would have turned out had she chosen a less than lethal weapon to defend herself. Right, wrong or indifferent, when you pick up a knife or gun in self defense the end result is often tragedy. In this case one young lady is dead and another finds her life in the hands of a grand jury. Had Wade chosen a less than lethal option like a stun gun or pepper spray things would have likely been much different today. Legal for self defense in the majority of states, a small canister of pepper spray would have stopped the attack that took place, without causing permanent injury to anyone and allowing the victim to get to safety. Stun guns work the same way, a 2 to 3 second jolt could have taken the fight right out of the attacker. Again, I believe that Ms. Wade acted in self defense and should be acquitted of the second degree murder charge. I do hope to raise the awareness among those in similar situations. In most cases, especially domestic incidents where love and emotions run high, the decision to pick up a gun or knife in self defense is wrong. Take a moment and consider both the consequences as well as alternative options. Less than lethal makes sense and just may save your life.
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