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Female Assaults On College Campuses

Here is another story about Assaults On Women specifically in Missouri where U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has led a national push to scrutinize rape and sexual assaults of women on college campuses. "There are young women that are victimized every day, every hour, at a college campus somewhere," McCaskill told the News-Leader on Thursday. "Too often young women second-guess themselves. 'I should not have been drinking. I should not have been in his room. I did not know him well enough.' "They do that instead of taking a clear look and realizing that they have a been a victim of a felony," McCaskill said. "You do not have to have perfect judgment to be a victim of a crime." McCaskill previously had focused her efforts on helping women sexually assaulted in the military. One of the main differences between colleges and the military is that the military has a rigid chain of command, which in some ways makes addressing the problem simpler. Higher education has no such line of authority. There are other differences as well but the main similarity is women on college campuses — like women in the military — live in small, closed communities where word travels fast. This makes some students reluctant to report. Administrators too often do not support women who report they were sexually assaulted on campus. She mentioned high-profile examples at the University of Montana and Notre Dame University. The schools fear that such publicity hurts their image and their student recruitment, she said. Colleges administrators have been openly hostile, she said, when female students allege rape and sexual assault. Nearly one in five women in college are victims of attempted or actual sexual assault in their undergraduate careers, according to McCaskill's office. A report from the National Institute of Justice states that college women are at higher risk for sexual assault than their non-college peers.
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