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Guard Dog Special Ops Stun Flashlight Three Way Protection

The Guard Dog Special Ops Flashlight can protect you in three ways. It isn't every day that a product comes along that can protect you in so many ways.
1. First as a stun device, it is 8,000,000 volts powered by a rechargeable battery. Normal stun guns have one set of prongs on the end that are visible. Guard dog brand is the only brand that we know of that uses concealed inner stun technology that hides the prongs. That helps with the disguise-ability of this special ops stun flashlight. It has an on-off switch that helps prevent accidental discharge. A few seconds application of a stun device to an assailant can immobilize him for as long as 45 minutes. The electrical current that is generated by the rechargeable battery through the prongs on one end of the device causes the body to work very rapidly depleting all the blood sugars so he has no energy left to harm you. 2. As a tactical flashlight it is 360 lumens with three light functions: high, low and emergency strobe. It has a bulb life of 100,000 hours. The flashlight is so bright that it can temporarily blind an assailant and/or highlight a target. 3. The product itself has an all metal Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body and it is only 9 ½ inches long. This premium defense device is designed to meet the needs of intensive military and special operation units. The bezel is so sturdy that it can be used as an emergency glass breaking tool or a striking device. That is three way protection in one device. If you are going to carry a self-defense product in your car, we always recommended that it be a stun flashlight. The Guard Dog special ops stun flashlight would be a perfect choice. The Guard Dog special ops stun flashlight has a metal belt clip and comes with a recharging cable which makes recharging a snap. Guard Dog stands behind all of their products with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
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