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Guardian Angel - Quality Pepper Spray

The popularity of the Guardian Angel Pepper Spray Blaster has exceeded our greatest expectations. If your not familiar with the product, its a non-lethal self defense product manufactured by Kimber LifeAct. It shoots pepper spray at approximately 90 miles per hour and has an effective range of about 13 feet. The product is small, lightweight, and 100% Kimber quality. This is the same Kimber that is world renown for providing some of the best consumer and law enforcement guns and rifles available. So it makes total sense that they would jump into the non-lethal market and make a splash. I expected the Guardian Angel to be a good, solid seller, but I did not expect it to be a top five seller. Since picking up the line a little over a year ago, Guardian Self Defense has literally sold thousands of the Guardian Angel units to residential and law enforcement customers. We've sent them to every state that we can legally ship to. The demand for the product has actually increased over time. So why are people so impressed and drawn to this pepper spray product? A few reasons come to mind right away. First, the name recognition. Millions of Americans know the name Kimber. Kimber is associated with quality so when they produce a new line of self defense products people take notice. Second, it uses an expensive "pyrotechnic drive" which is the equivalent of a "propellant" in other pepper spray models. This drive propels the pepper spray at over 90 miles per hour. The chance of blow back is non-existent. Quality, Kimber uses only top components and the pepper spray is extremely potent and debilitating. You can even drop the unit from over five feet and Kimber guarantees it to be fine and ready to use. Most sprays won't spray upside down or at steep angles; the Guardian Angel can be fired from any position without problems. It doesn't use traditional propellant, so there is no chance that the product will loose pressure over time. If you the Guardian gets wet or even submerged in water you will be able to use without problem. The self life is 36 months, so you have three years to use and the expiration date is clearly marked. Training units are available for practice, they have the same look and feel, but are loaded with H20 instead of OC! The only drawback of the Guardian Angel is that you only get two shots. Each unit comes with 2 preloaded pepper spray blasts. Once used, you need to throw away and buy another. This does not seem to deter many, if any in the market for non-lethal self defense products. I would feel comfortable in nearly any situation carrying the Guardian Angel unit. I invite you to view the demo video at
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