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Pepper Spray, Mace Patterns

What should you look for in a pepper spray or mace defense spray? This is a question we get many times a day and its a very good one. The truth is the best pepper spray for me may not be the best for you. There a numerous factors to consider. It is important to get the best pepper spray product for you. Over the next week or so we will post a series of blogs to help you better understand and utilize the most effective non-lethal self defense product available. One important thing to consider is the spray pattern.
  • A stream spray pattern comes out in a straight line. Typically, you can expect the greatest range from a stream pepper spray. You are also much less likely to encounter "blow back" when using a stream spray. "Blow back" can occur when spraying directly into a stiff wind, the wind can blow some of the oc pepper solution backward causing the user to become contaminated. A drawback of stream sprays is that the user needs to be accurate for the product to be effective. Aim for eyes, nose, mouth - practice is essential before utilizing a stream. It's not difficult, you just need to spend a few minutes outside with a practice container. Become familiar with the safety device; then practice pointing, aiming and firing. A fog spray pattern discharges in a "funnel or cone". A fogger is excellent for dealing with multiple attackers, or crowd control type situations. With a fog you typically lose a little distance and you must be aware of potential "blow back". Practice is certainly encouraged, but accuracy is not an issue with the fog, so if you spray in the intended direction the effects will be felt by everyone in the path. Gels and foams have become very popular, largely due to their localized effect, meaning the risk of unintentional or cross contamination is much less likely. The gels and foams are sticky and very difficult to remove, thus the oc pepper spray sits in the facial area much longer and the effects tend last longer and be of greater intensity. You will also find that gels and foams spray up to 25 feet which is about 8 to 10 feet more range, opposed to traditional sprays. These are ideal to use in your home, apartment, small business, or anywhere indoors. In the next post we will discuss the effects of pepper spray, Mace and tear gas.
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