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ONE FORCIBLE RAPE OCCURS EVERY SIX MINUTES IN THE U.S. This is a very scary statistic in itself, then consider that over half of all rapes go unreported! Though we cannot prove it, if every rape was reported the statistic would read more like every three minutes a new rape is occurring somewhere in the U.S. There are things you can do to help decrease the odds of you or someone you care about falling victim. Common Sense Tips For Preventing Rape Should you find yourself in immediate danger of being raped:
  • Scream as loud as you possibly can. Make noise and don't stop. Consider carrying a personal alarm or something that designed to help get attention.
  • Run if you can. If you have a safe place that you can run to, by all means run as fast as you can.
  • Carry a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray. If used correctly, a good OC spray will stop an attacker instantly and allow you the time necessary to get to safety.
  • Consider using a stall tactic. Try to speak slowly, calmly and rationally. Do not plead or cry if possible. Many rapists are looking for you to show fear, if you don't you become a less attractive target.
  • Urinate or vomit. Do anything you can think of to repulse the attacker. Tell him you have AIDs or an STD!
  • Fight, defend yourself. Statistics show that women who resist attacks and act quickly are far less likely to be raped, then women who are passive.
  • Be aware and alert. As difficult as it may seem, any small detail you notice and remember about an attacker could be the one that sends him to jail.
  • Try to collect and save as much evidence as possible. Don't bathe, shower or douche. Try to not even change clothes until investigators and doctors have been able to perform a "rape kit".
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