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Hidden Cameras In Nursing Homes

"First it was video surveillance cameras in infant nurseries. Now some families are placing them in elderly loved ones' rooms in nursing homes, to spot neglect and abuse. And some states are making it legal. The New York Times Wellness Blog has a fascinating report by Jan Hoffman about the new "watchful eye in nursing homes." Hoffman describes how one woman placed a motion-activated camera that looked like an ordinary looking alarm clock beside her 96-year-old mother's bed in an Oklahoma nursing home. What she saw led to the Mayberry case. Read the whole story HERE "On Nov. 1, propelled by the outcry over the Mayberry case, Oklahoma became the third state — along with New Mexico and Texas — to explicitly permit residents in long-term care facilities to maintain surveillance cameras in their rooms." Based on the daughter's videos, one aide pleaded guilty to abuse and neglect. The other appears to have fled the country. Similar scenes of abuse have been captured in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and other states by relatives who placed cameras in potted plants and radios, webcams and iPhones." Hoffman also reports that the New York state attorney general’s office, "which has relied on hidden cameras in patient abuse and neglect cases for years, demonstrated its methods at a national training program for state investigators."
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