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Home Invasion Kills Wife Wounds Husband

In a small college town 30 miles from Baton Rouge, tragedy struck at around 1:00 am this morning. That's when criminals invaded the home of the Lamonte's killing one with a gunshot to the head and injuring another. When police arrived they found the front door kicked in and a damaged window; once inside they found Grace Lamnote dead and her husband Anthony injured. Police say they have little to go on but are working hard to find leads. This is another extremely upsetting crime that took place in a neighborhood that is considered safe by most. It is a suburban community that is mixed with long time residents and young families. It sits only a couple miles from Southeastern Louisiana University. It's the type of place you just don't expect to find a home invasion or murder. The grim fact is crime continues to rise and the incidents of violent crime is up as well, many feel that drugs and gangs are responsible. Crime knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. The criminals probably felt that the elderly couple was an easy target for the crime. Police are not saying what the thugs were after or what they actually left with. So what can we do in and around our homes to protect our families and prevent home invasions. Most home invasions occur through a main entry way, typically a front or back door. Providing support to those entry ways is a very wise thing to do. A door brace can mean the difference between a successful home invasion or failed attempt. Visible surveillance cameras can provide a definite deterrent. Criminals are much less likely to pick a home with visible surveillance for fear of being caught on camera. You can give the impression of surveillance with "dummy cameras" for a fraction of the price. Dogs can prove to be an excellent self defense weapon. A large, barking dog can really save the day. First, a dog can hear much better than we do, so they are likely to hear what you can't then alert you by barking. Criminals don't like attention, and in most cases the barking draws attention. They would rather move on for an easier target. If you don't have a dog or are not in a position to get one; consider the "Barking Dog Alarm". All the benefits of a real canine without any of the responsibility. Neighborhood watch or other awareness programs can send criminals elsewhere. Make sure to prominently display the neighborhood watch signs throughout the area. Have access to a home list with emergency contact information, if you see something suspicious contact the police, then call and alert others. Security systems are worth every cent you pay for them; assuming you use them as intended. If you don't have a security system, I highly advise that you have one installed. Just as importantly make sure to arm the alarm, so you are protected. If an attacker attempts a break-in or home invasion; the loud alarm will sound immediately, and if you have it monitored the police will be contacted within seconds. Having your doors and windows alarmed is a very smart choice. In addition, put stickers on the doors and windows to advertise the fact that you have security. These are just a few common sense approaches to reducing your risk of falling victim to crimes such as home invasion. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Anthony and his family. We hope that justice will be served.
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