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Stun Batons For Stopping Dog Attacks

Thousands of people are the victim of dog attacks each year. Walking our dogs is a fun and enjoyable activity not to mention great exercise. Many of us worry about coming into contact with an attacking dog. Think about it, what would you do? How would you protect your animal not to mention yourself? Here is what I'm talking about: A Fort Smith animal control warden used a stun baton on a large dog after the dog attacked him and took him to the ground Saturday. Animal Control Warden Kyle Fairfield was called to the 3000 block of Pendell Lane after receiving reports of a large black dog chasing postal workers while they were attempting to deliver mail in the neighborhood. "The post office said they would stop delivering mail to the entire block because the dog would chase the postman up and down the street when he delivered the mail," Fairfield said. When Fairfield arrived at the door of the residence, he could hear a dog barking and jumping up and down. Fairfield said as soon as the homeowner opened the door, the dog got past the homeowner and came at him. He said the dog bit the pant of his left leg, tearing the pant and bringing him to the ground. He said before the dog could attack him further, he fired his stun gun at the dog, temporarily incapacitating the dog. The owner, Fairfield said, tried to pick up the dog, but the dog, which was described as a mix, regained its strength and attempted to run. Fairfield said he stunned the dog again, detained the dog and transported it to the Sebastian County Humane Society. You can never be too safe. Dogfights can be pretty ugly and scary. Without an effective tool to safely break it up dogs and humans can be severely injured or even killed. A stun baton is a effective self defense tool for humanely stopping dog attacks.
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