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Mace Exquisite Purse Model - Safety Meets Fashion

The new Mace Exquisite pepper spray line combines safety and security with fashion. These units feature the covert look of a lipstick or perfume canister with a sleek and stylish cosmetic design. These provide perfect pepper spray protection when going out for the evening or for everyday protection in your purse. Don’t let the cute look of the Exquisite line fool you, each unit is powered with Mace brand 10% OC Pepper + UV Dye. Defend yourself from a safe distance of up to 10 feet away. Each purse model contains approximately 5 shots, for protection against multiple threats. Available in various styles and colors. Choose from Rhinestone, Polka Dot, or Classic models. Each is discreet, compact and easy to conceal. Dimensions are only 4 inches tall by 1 inch in diameter. The self life is 4 years from the date of manufacture and the expiration date is printed on each unit so you’ll know when it’s time for a new one.

Mace Exquisite Hot Pink Rhinestone, Purse model
Pepper spray is the most popular non-lethal self defense option on the market today. So effective at stopping attackers that nearly all law enforcement agencies arm officers with it. Police officers are instructed to use pepper spray as the first line of defense. The effects of pepper spray are almost immediate and upon direct contact with the eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes begin to wreak havoc on the human body. The eyes involuntarily close shut, uncontrollable coughing ensues, and an intense burning sensation to the skin are some of the intense effects. Pepper spray is non-lethal and effects will begin to lesson in 30 to 45 minutes.
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