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Mace Pepper Gel for Self Defense

One of the most effective new self defense products on the market is the Mace brand pepper gel. Mace pepper gel works a little differently than pepper spray. It is unique in the way it is dispensed; the active ingredients are suspended in gel rather than an aerosol. Traditional pepper spray is extremely effective but one of the drawbacks is the potential for cross contamination. You see pepper spray by design is dispensed as tiny micro particles that are easily inhaled. Sometimes we run into situations where we'd love to use pepper spray but are unable to because the likelihood of unintentional contamination is high. Pepper gel greatly reduces the chances of cross contamination and is perfect for self defense indoors and in close quarters. Pepper gel was invented to accomplish two things:
  • Allow effective use at increased range.
  • Significantly decrease that chance for cross contamination.
Increased range is a huge benefit; most traditional pepper spray products have an effective range of about 10 to 12 feet which is great. Mace pepper gel boasts an effective range of up to 25 feet which is superb! The ability to neutralize a potential threat from 20 to 25 feet is a huge plus for civilians as well as law enforcement. The active capsaicinoid concentration is suspended in gel which effectively prevents unwanted contamination. No splatter and no inhalation make this the ideal self defense product for use in close quarters. To give an example, imagine that you are out at a dance club. A fight breaks out between two people on the dance floor. You are not involved in the fight but are only a few feet away. Club bouncers move in and use pepper spray to stop the fight. Not only does the pepper spray stop the two fighters but also contaminates you and many others in the club unintentionally. Had the gel been used the likelihood of stopping the fighters without causing harm to others is greatly increased. The capsaicinoid formula or concentration is stronger and hotter than many pepper spray products. At 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration you are getting a true law enforcement quality defense gel. Many aerosol sprays are flammable, which makes them dangerous to use near firearms, tasers or anything that cause a spark. It's like carrying gasoline on your person. Mace gel is totally non-flammable and therefore safe to use in most any situation. Another benefit of pepper gel is that it sticks to the attacker. It is made to be extremely difficult to remove, the more you try to wipe it away, and the deeper it goes. More information on Mace Pepper Gel
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