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Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun by Mace

The Mace Pepper Spray gun is an excellent non-lethal self defense weapon. Looking for an effective, practical and affordable self defense option? The Pepper Gun by Mace makes a great choice for both men and women of all ages. The ability to stop a potential threat from a distance is a huge benefit. With the Mace Pepper Spray Gun the effective range is up to 25 feet. This is huge, as the greater the distance between you and them the safer and better off you will be. Being able to accurately aim and fire makes all the difference in the world. An effective range of 25 feet means nothing if you can't hit your target! The pepper gun has a built in aiming device, a trigger activated LED laser light makes hitting your intended target easy. Practice makes perfect and along with the gun you will receive a "practice cartridge" that will help you hone your skills. The Mace Gun allows you to fire consistently from any angle. Whether it is upside down or right side up, you will get the same consistent ballistic stream spray every time. Using a 1o% pepper formula that is extremely potent at .74 Capsaicinoids offers extra confidence and piece of mind. Mace has been a top self defense manufacturer for decades. Millions of customers trust Mace and its self defense pepper spray formulation. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun is small, lightweight, easy to conceal and take almost anywhere. With any self defense weapon, it has to be quickly accessible when you need it most. This device will easily fit in your pocket, purse, belt holster or concealed in the hand. Loading and re-loading is easy and quick. Each pepper spray cartridge is 28 grams or approximately one ounce. This product could easily sell for over $100 but the price point is affordable at less than $70. You get the gun with built in LED light, the required batteries, one practice cartridge, and one live pepper spray cartridge. pepper spray gun
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