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Pepper Spray "Best Defense"-Indian Police

pepper spray

This is a story about how women are being urged to use pepper spray in Madurai, India where attacks on women are common for sexual assaults and to rob them of the jewelry that they wear. Women in India particularly love to adorn themselves with expensive jewelry which is a big target for crooks

You can read the rest of the story HERE

“In case of emergencies, women could use pepper spray for self-defence and protect themselves from anti-social elements, said Superintendent of Police V. Balakrishnan.”

“On such occasions, the pepper spray would not only save their jewels, but also act as a deterrent to anti-social elements.”

Triple Action Mace Pepper Spray has pepper spray, a tear gas component and UV marking dye to enable law enforcement to identify the assailant after the fact. Plus it has a keychain attachment so can be literally with you all the time.

Pepper spray has always been a proven deterrent to assailants. There has to be a reason why every police officer in the country carries pepper spray on their utility belt. If it is good enough for them, don’t you think it might just work for you?

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