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Pepper Spray Testimonials

I have the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray and tonight I was confronted with a situation where I had to use it. I love to clear my head with an evening jog around my neighborhood. I was jogging, while pushing my infant in a stroller when out of nowhere came a big, unleashed Rottweiler. I spotted him at about 20 yards away and he was charging straight for us. The jogger pepper spray was attached to my hand with the elastic strap. I moved myself in front of the baby stroller to protect my little boy. At ten feet I was screaming "stop, stop" but the Rottweiler was still coming. That's when I unleashed the pepper spray. It hit him in the face and the dog immediately turned and ran the other way. I truly believe that this little pepper spray saved my child and me from being seriously hurt by this animal. This is an awesome product and must have if you exercise outdoors. Chelsea Branco Mace Jogger Pepper Spray I'm writing to thank you for the amazing Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray you sold me. Just like any other day I headed home after work, but today was different, when I opened my front door I interrupted a burglary in progress. As soon as I opened the door he came after me. This guy was big and I was definitely scared. My keys were in hand and I always carry your keychain pepper spray spray on my keys. I grabbed my spray and sprayed him right in the face. This guy instantly dropped to the ground; he was on my living room floor rolling around and crying like a baby. I ran to my neighbor’s house and called the cops. Police arrived and arrested him on my floor. Turns out this guy had a long history of burglary and drug use. That little canister of pepper spray may have saved my life that night. Damon L Jones keychain pepper spray
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