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SABRE Spitfire Makes Personal Safety Easy! The Fastest Deploying Key Chain Pepper Spray Available!

SABRE Spitfire Keychain Pepper Spray is available for immediate sale from Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC. Spitfire will revolutionize the pepper spray product market with three distinct advantages. Spitfire Advantages
  1. Fires over the shoulder with patented deployment technique.
  2. Deploys with less effort and greater accuracy from the hip.
  3. Quickly releases from keys.
Testimonial: "Tonight, I was mugged, just a block from my house in St. Louis. The guy got my phone, which I handed over to him. Then he reached into a backpack for a "gun" I'm pretty sure was a bluff and asked for my purse. I pulled out my spitfire and fired at him instead. I've never seen a man run off so fast in my life. I was safe, my purse was safe. He has my now-deactivated phone, but that's nothing. Thank you and your wonderful product! I'll be buying a refill on Friday with my paycheck!" - Name withheld by request SABRE RED Spitfire® is the fastest deploying and most compact key chain pepper spray is now manufactured and sold exclusively with SABRE RED Pepper Spray! Sabre Spitfire Pepper Spray
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