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Pepper Spray Triple Pack

Pepper spray is the self defense product of choice for military, law enforcement and civilians. In recent years it's popularity has taken off for a few reasons; effectiveness, cost, and range. When used correctly a good pepper spray product will stop even the most aggressive attacker in his tracks. The cost to purchase pepper spray is inexpensive and most products are good for 2 to 3 years. Finally, the safest and best way to diffuse a dangerous situation is to do so from a distance. With pepper spray 10 to 15 feet is a common effective range. Most individuals have a need for self defense pepper spray in many different places and for protection in multiple scenarios. For that reason, Guardian Self Defense put together the PS-6 Pepper Spray Triple Pack. Three pepper spray units for very different uses. This defense spray pack includes:
  • A 2 ounce pepper spray canister
This is a stream spray pattern with an effective range of up to 15 feet. With 2 ounces you have lots of spray (about 20 one second shots). All units come with a safety device that is simple to use but effective at preventing accidental discharge. The canister is only about 3.5 inches tall so its easy to conceal. This type of pepper spray is perfect for home protection.
Pepper Spray Triple Pack
  • A quick keychain release spray
The half ounce quick release keychain pepper spray is small and convenient to carry with you anywhere. This spray goes with you anywhere and the quick release feature allows you to easily pull it free from your keychain or purse if necessary. If you are outside of the house or car this is pepper spray you should carry with you. Effective range is about 8 feet and this is also a stream pattern. Note: It does you NO good to have it buried in your purse or glove compartment. Awareness and preparation are the key to deterring and even preventing crime. You have to do your part and change your mindset. As you leave your home the keychain should be readily accessible for use. If you are out walking or jogging conceal this tiny pepper spay in your hand.
  • Automotive Visor Model
Another half ounce pepper spray with our patented Auto Visor attachment allows you to have your pepper spray protection ready at all times. Just clip to your visor and you are protected in your car or truck. This is a simple idea that works. The formula in our pepper spray pack is made up of law enforcement quality pepper spray resin. It is made and tested right here in the US. A true two million Scoville Heat Unit rating, this defense spray is manufactured by Pepper Shot. Each unit comes with an expiration date and the self life is about 36 months. Quality, premium pepper spray from Guardian Self Defense will improve your personal security and "piece of mind". This is a must have product for complete non-lethal self defense. For more information visit our Pepper Spray Triple Pack page.
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