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Pink Pepper Spray

Pink is fast becoming the new black and when it comes to ladies self defense, pink pepper spray is the only way to go. Just a few years ago you couldn't find a pink Mace or pepper spray if you tried. Today pink pepper spray is number one among female consumers. Most women love the color pink, it's their color and it represents femininity. With self defense and personal security I believe there is more to the pink popularity. While pink is all lady, when it comes to pink pepper spray I think you can add in "piece of mind", confidence, and even power. Women are most likely to become victims of rape, sexual assaults and domestic violence while men are most likely to be their attackers. Males traditionally are bigger and posses more strength and power than females. For this reason most women are at a severe disadvantage during any physical altercation with men. Women, in my opinion have adopted the pink pepper spray and other self defense products as the great equalizer. Fox example, my wife was fearful about exercise after dark. She did not feel comfortable walking or jogging around the neighborhood alone and most nights bringing a friend was not an option. After introducing pepper spray, explaining how it works and then practicing in our back yard she felt much better. The pepper spray gave her added "piece of mind", power - in the sense that she could defend herself if need be from a safe distance, and confidence - she knew that when used correctly it will work almost instantly. Pink Mace and pepper spray products are readily available. By spraying an attacker in the face, for about one second, they will become incapacitated almost instantly. This provides a great feeling knowing that you can protect yourself and others with a small little device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Of course like anything, you need to practice so if a situation arises you will be ready to respond and defend yourself. Awareness and preparation are the keys to surviving any personal security scare.
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