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It is a fact that disproportionate levels of fear are reported by women related to falling victim to crime. Specifically, women experience much higher incidences of anxiety and stress related to fears associated with being raped or sexually assaulted. As unemployment rates reach record levels of over 10%, history reminds us that crime increases will follow. Now more than ever many females report that, fear, stress and anxiety are at there highest levels. Most women want "piece of mind" and the increased self confidence that comes with the ability to protect themselves. Today there are literally hundreds of great non-lethal self defense products that provide safety and home security for men and women alike. A product that has the potential to prevent or deter many of the sex crimes that women fear most is pepper spray disguised as lipstick. The concept is simple but the end result could be a rape prevented or a life saved! Lipstick Pepper Spray Lipstick pepper spray provides discrete, effective and reliable protection in almost any situation. A self defense product designed by women and for women, it can be carried with confidence because it looks like real lipstick. With the cap on no one would ever suspect you were carrying pepper spray in disguise. If needed simply remove the cap, point and spray. The potent pepper spray will take effect immediately on an attacker and give the victim time to get to safety. Some situations where disguised pepper spray could be invaluable; imagine your college aged daughter was going on a first date. At the end of the evening Mr. Wrong walks your daughter up to her apartment door. As she says good night and opens the door he forces his way in and begins acting sexually aggressive. Your daughter reaches into her purse grabs her "lipstick" and sprays. She will now have plenty of time to get herself to safety. Your wife or daughter enjoy walking around the neighborhood each evening. It's a great way to exercise and relieve stress. One evening while walking your wife and daughter are approached by a man who asks for money. They give him a couple dollars, but instead of going away, he begins following them. He begins demanding more money and violating there space. Your wife pops the cap off of her "lipstick" points and sprays him right in the face. You loved ones are able to get home safely. Crime presents itself in many, many forms, the key to increasing your chances of a safe outcome depend on awareness and preparation. Whatever situation presents itself, if you practice awareness and preparation your chances of overcoming or even preventing an attack are much better. Carrying a product such as pepper spray is a form of preparation. Learning how to use it, what to expect, and then practicing is also preparation. Practicing common sense, trusting your gut, being alert as to what is going on around you is part of developing your awareness skills. If you are a female that fears being victimized by crime, take a proactive approach today that involves awareness and preparation. You will feel better about yourself and more importantly be much more prepared to protect yourself against criminals.
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