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Pepper Mace Defense Sprays

Mace The Mace family of defense sprays are nothing short of impressive. No matter what your non-lethal self defense needs are Mace has you covered. For decades Mace has stood for premium quality self defense and security products. Mace has earned the trust of millions of consumers and businesses for decades. Investing heavily in research and development, Mace delivers with cutting edge defense product that you can count on. One of their newest products is the Mace pepper gun. It is styled after a handgun revolver, but this gun is totally non-lethal and shoots a steam of pepper spray up to 25 feet. Mace calls it the most accurate pepper spray product on the market. It is equipped with an LED laser light, which is used to accurately aim the gun. The Mace Pepper Gun comes in four different colors and refill cartridges are easy to load and unload. Mace Pepper Gun Mace pepper gel sticks like glue on an attackers face. Any attempt to remove it just grinds the active resin deeper into the eyes, nose and mouth. Gel has several benefits, increased range, stronger pepper spray, 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, and less chance for cross contamination. Gel is perfect for use indoors or in close quarters where risk of cross contamination is high. The gel does not splatter and because the resin is suspended in gel inhalation is limited to the intended target. Pepper Mace, tear gas, and a UV marking dye come together in one extremely potent self defense spray. Mace Triple action is exactly that! Available in 6 different sizes and 2 different spray patterns. This is a premium law enforcement grade chemical spray that can be counted on when you need it most. Triple Action Pepper Spray Fogger These are just a few examples of Mace family of defense sprays. For all models and detailed information visit us today!
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