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Police Batons Expandable Friction Lock

One of the most under utilized, yet effective self defense impact weapons is the police style expandable friction lock baton. Law enforcement personnel take full advantage of these batons using them daily. Civilians for the most part are just becoming familiar with the weapon. Expandable Police Baton The expandable baton is an excellent self defense weapon. Made of solid steel the handle is lined with a comfortable, durable and gripping foam. The baton is thickest at the base and becomes more narrow toward the top of the shaft. In the closed position it makes for an excellent "blocking weapon" as well as a pressure point tool. In the closed position the baton is compact, between seven and ten inches depending upon model. With the flip of the wrist the baton more than doubles in length and becomes a very powerful striking weapon. Expandable batons use friction lock technology, which allows them to easily expand the unit while ensuring it locks in the expanded position to ensure it does not collapse when needed most. In order to collapse the baton you must strike the tip of the baton on a hard surface releasing the friction lock bearings. One strike can literally shatter bone. A huge advantage of these police style batons are the extended reach, at up to 26" in length you can create valuable distance between yourself and the attacker. This allows you to stay outside of the attackers reach at the same time you are able to strike at any and allow exposed body parts as well as their weapon. Concentrate on striking areas such as the elbow, knee, wrist, hand, ribs, and head. Strikes to these areas can be extremely debilitating and end confrontation quickly. There are several types of basic self defense strikes you can use with impact weapons such as batons. The slashing strike is similar to that of swing a baseball bat, this is the most powerful type of strike but also takes the longest amount of time in order to complete the action and gain the momentum necessary to be effective.Jabbing or poking can be extremely effective, especially in close quarter combat. Jabbing to the abdomen, groin and chest are great target areas. A thrust is a striking move that follows the motion of a uppercut punch. The thrust is an especially effective move from the closed position. A strike to the solar plexus or neck of an attacker can end an attack quickly. Police batons are also great for self defense against aggressive dogs. If you walk, or jog chances are you've come across an unleashed dog that would like to take your legs off. Many people walk with a stick or piece of wood. Well the expandable baton is compact and convenient to carry in its compact position. Again, with the flip of your wrist it locks in the expanded position allowing you to keep that dog at bay. Batons are nearly indestructible, they are made of solid steel and should last you a lifetime. So unlike other self defense products, you won't need to replace them over time. You can certainly choose to spend over $100 bucks for some of the name brand batons, or you can spend less than half that amount for our Stun Master economy batons. The quality is excellent and you can add an LED light attachment which will turn your baton into a bright led flashlight. I encourage you to learn more by visiting our baton web page.
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