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Ladies and gentlemen; we live in a society that has become very dangerous. Criminals have become opportunistic as they search for the easiest targets. Unemployment rates have hit double digits and depending on how you look at it the true rate of unemployment may be as high as 15%. Drug use is at epidemic proportions. Crack cocaine and methamphetamine are wreaking havoc on urban and rural areas respectively.

Murder has become all to common in many of our American cities. The latest FBI crime statistics show that someone is murdered every 31 minutes in America. Nearly two people are killed every hour. The truth is many of these killings could have been prevented.

Forcible rape is a violent crime that is robbing women of their lives at alarming rates. Over 30 rapes take place every hour in North America. These are just the ones that are reported; some reports show that over half of all rapes go unreported! As the father of a beautiful girl, this crime makes my stomach turn. Often the attackers are friends or someone the victim knows. Many cases involve date rapes and drug induced rapes; especially in teenage and young adults.

Crimes like burglary and home invasions are robbing us of our "piece of mind". Over 4000 burglaries take place each day and home invasions continue to spike. The majority of our working class are made up of dual income families. This means that most of our homes are vacant during the week.

As a young man, I was taught to always respect and protect women. Had I ever hit a women, I think my dad would have knocked my teeth out. What ever happened to respect? Domestic violence has hit epidemic proportions as one woman is victimized by a partner every 52 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take a proactive stand. Time to make sure you are no longer "easy targets". Non-lethal self defense products make sense, they are affordable and most importantly they work. Most of us are extremely vulnerable to crime, but we are not aware until it's too late.

That walk you take every morning to and from your vehicle, on the way to work... The time you spend walking, jogging, or exercising... As you wait for the red traffic light to turn green... Just a few examples of potentially vulnerable personal security situations we face each and every day.

Are the doors and windows in your home secure? How about the main entry ways into and out of your home? Don't allow yourself to be an "easy target" for criminals. By taking a proactive approach to crime and criminals you become a more difficult target. The last thing a criminal wants to face is a "difficult crime". It's much easier to simply move on until they find what they're after.

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