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Sex Assault On The Rise At Academies

A story recently said that sex assault reports have increased 50% over the previous academic year at the Air Force Academy which is the highest number of sex assault reports of all military academies with most sexual assaults never getting reported. They are supposed to have higher standards than other Universities, but why should their students be any different from others in that age bracket? It's a simple fact that it is so prevalent among college-age 'kids' that they are no different. What is surprising to me is that it has been swept under the carpet, so to speak, for so many years and only now is it starting to get some publicity. Why are so few cases reported? The common thinking is that the victims are not believed and that reporting a sexual assault against a fellow cadet can ruin, not only his career, but his life. In the general population it results in a far less stigmatic punishment, if any at all. It should be pointed out that all the other service academies have similar problems with sexual assault and the reporting of same. It just seems the Air Force Academy leads the pack. It is common knowledge among cadets that self-defense products are prohibited on campus. So in a sense, female cadets are defenseless when it comes to their personal safety and personal security aside from the classes in self-defense that they may take. A good self-defense training DVD can not only improve female self-defense, personal safety and personal security, it may be the only way to do that on a military Academy campus.
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