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Teen Dating Violence-A Big Problem

Here is an opinion piece about Teen Dating Violence a subject that has gotten a lot of attention lately. About one in three teens will be emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually abused by a dating partner. Even if this never happens to the teen in your life, it’s likely they’ll know someone in an abusive relationship. If teens would respect themselves and their partner, treat each other as equals, show trust rather than jealousy, resolve conflicts with open communication and not violence, allow for personal space and respect each other’s boundaries they would be much safer . Young women need to learn how to defend themselves with a self-defense course like Small Man's Advantage and then arm themselves and learn how to use a self-defense product such as a pepper spray or stun gun.
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A pepper spray such as this one Stop Strap Spray can disable an assailant for as long as 45 minutes, giving you time to get away and seek help. Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC is one of the largest most trusted online distributors of non-lethal self-defense items and surveillance equipment in the US. We specialize in premium pepper spray, mace, personal alarms, stun batons and more. We are "The Self Defense Product Experts"!
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