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Parking Lot Assaults And Safety Tips

Here is a story and video about a Parking Lot Assault that occurred recently in the Salem area. The story also has some parking lot tips for residents. According to the story, a woman was leaving the grocery store, putting her groceries in the car when a subject comes up from behind her grabs her and then pushes her to the ground and flees. According to police there have been 14 incidents of the similar nature in the last three months. Typically they happen in late afternoon or early evening. Assaults in parking lots are so common these days that every chance we get we warn people about being vigilant after shopping. Obviously most victims are women, who are disturbed by a wide variety of distractions. Parking Lot Safety Tips • "When out and about, keep your head up and make eye contact with passersby. Walking with confidence can be a powerful deterrent to a would-be criminal. • Know the area where you walk and have an escape route planned, such as to where you will run if you are attacked. • Make a commotion and yell for help. Never be embarrassed to cause a ruckus to get the attention of others for assistance. • You have a right to protect yourself from an attack. Don't be afraid to defend yourself. • Trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Leave the situation and call for help. • Be a good witness. Use all of your senses to gather information about the attacker. The more details you can provide to the police, the more likely it is we can apprehend the suspect."
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