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Why You Should Use A Hidden Diversion Safe

Why You Should Use A Hidden Diversion Safe
Here are some very good reasons why you should use a hidden diversion safe. The biggest reasons are they are just as effective as and a lot less expensive than a regular floor or wall safe. The facts are that a burglar will spend 10 minutes or less, on average, according to a Chicago Police Department study, inside your home looking for items of value. They are primarily looking for smaller items that can be quickly and easily pawned for cash. Yes, occasionally you will hear about burglars walking out with big-screen TVs and other larger items, but since most burglars work by themselves those items are too bulky for one person to carry. So they are looking for cash, credit cards, small collectibles, jewelry and even handguns-all items that are easy to carry, easy to pawn and convert into quick cash. A hidden diversion safe is nothing more than a common household product-usually a kitchen or bathroom product-which everyone is used to seeing. The only difference is that it has a hollowed out interior to hide these small valuable items. The top or the bottom usually is a screw on apparatus and the product is weighted to make it feel like the real thing. The whole idea behind a hidden diversion safe is to "hide things in plain sight." Knowing that a burglar can only spend a minimal amount of time inside a home, he cannot look everywhere. As a matter of fact, one of the last places he looks is in the kitchen or bathroom. Who would think that mama's jewelry would be hidden inside a can of Ajax? There are several ways you can improve your home security to prevent burglary. But if you want to protect your small valuables from the prying eyes and hands of a burglar, hide them in plain sight using one of our hidden safes
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