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Woman Assaulted In Parking Lot While Texting-Three Tips to Avoid This Type Of Assault

This is a story about a woman who pulled into a parking lot of a vacated gas station to send a text message. While she was texting an unknown man entered her car and robbed her then assaulted her. Police are still looking for the suspect. The woman was unharmed. You can read the whole story HERE. This is another case of an assault on a distracted victim. I wonder if her car was even locked? Tip number one on avoiding this type of assault: pay attention to your surroundings. Tip number two: lock your car doors. Tip number three: carry some kind of self-defense product in your car. The Mini Night Stick is a bright LED flashlight which is handy to have in a car anyhow and a powerful 4 million volt stun device. This can disable any assailant for as long as 10 minutes allowing you time to getaway from a bad situation and get help.
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