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Better Home Security With Fake Surveillance Cameras

Home burglary is as popular as ever, with burglars that is! A home burglary happens every 13 seconds according to Department of Justice figures. So how do you improve your home security to a point where you can actually prevent burglary? An inexpensive, yet effective way to improve home security is by installing a fake surveillance camera. When a burglar sees a surveillance camera while he is casing a neighborhood, walking by homes that are potential targets, he is more than likely going to skip by that house simply because he doesn't want to risk the possibility of having his image captured by a security camera. It is a proven fact, according to law enforcement officials, that next to a barking dog, the next biggest deterrent to home burglary is a security/surveillance camera. Unfortunately for many the cost of just one surveillance camera can be prohibitive. And you can't just have one; you usually need three or four. Then you need a monitor to see what's going on and if you want to record, a DVR is needed. It can get pricey! That's where fake surveillance cameras come in. They are so realistic looking that a burglar looking at it, especially from the street, cannot tell the difference from the real thing. Almost all of them have flashing red LED lights. That is like saying "don't go near me."
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This outdoor, weatherproof, five inch long, bullet Flashing Security Camera is a great example of fake surveillance cameras. It needs no wiring because the red flashing LED light is operated by two "AA" batteries. It can be installed with a simple screwdriver. It comes complete with a plastic mounting bracket and an authentic CCTV video cable. It can be adjusted to just about any angle and can be used for small business as well as home security. When the time comes for you to improve your home security and take proactive steps to prevent burglary, consider getting fake surveillance cameras. They will do the job for you at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
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