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Non-Lethal Weapons Keep Store Owner Safe

A good friend of ours owns and manages convenience store. His primary concern in the shop is his personal security. He's not interested in deadly lethal firearm weapons, but instead prefers arming himself with non-lethal weapons. When he started considering non-lethal weapons for personal security in the store, he had a couple of alternatives in mind: stun guns as well as handheld Tasers. Both are easy to use and don't cause any lasting damage to an assailant. They will disable an attacker for a few minutes that would provide plenty of time to sound the burglar alarm. His favorite non-lethal weapon was the Taser C2 which met his needs over the others. The feature that impressed him most was that a Taser offers close-distance plus long-range protection. Even when he was positioned at the rear of the counter, he would not need to reach out so as to disable the criminal. A Taser can release 15-foot wires which are connected to a couple of probes after which generate powerful electrical current that could hinder any bad guy from getting any nearer. In addition, the Taser can be used as a contact stun gun with the same effectiveness. Another thing which he found really helpful with these non-lethal weapons in particular is that they use electro-muscular disruption technology. High electrical voltage is employed to override the direct muscle control of the central nervous system. As a result, Tasers can take down even the most determined criminal. The Taser C2 which he bought provides a 30-second energy burst. Plus, it features a lifetime replacement guarantee as well as carries a complete instruction handbook. Before trying it out for the first time, he needed to activate it first. By doing this, he authorized the makers to do a background check on me for monitoring purposes in order to ensure that he will be making use of it properly.
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