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Self Defense Products Make Great Gifts

The holidays are here, Thanksgiving is only a week away and before we know it Christmas Day will be here. If your anything like me finding a unique, thoughtful and useful gift can be challenging to say the least. I have enough ties to start a small Ebay store! This year consider giving the gift of self defense and personal security. Just this week a 5 year girl from North Carolina was sexually abused and killed. It is alleged that the mother sold or prostituted this little girl to grown men. Earlier this month a Ohio man was arrested after law enforcement, working off of a tip found the remains of at least 10 women in and around the alleged killers home. Everyone remembers the tragic story of Jaycee Dugard who was abducted at age 11 and held captive as a sex slave for 19 years. Dugard was forced to bear two children from her rapist. Thousands of girls and women are abducted and abused or even killed. It scares me to death to think that my own daughter is at risk, but the reality is we all are. Self defense products such as tasers or pepper spray are proven to deter and even prevent crime. So why not make sure everyone you care about carries with them some form of personal defense. Home security is also becoming essential to all of us. Our homes should be a safe haven. A place that you and your family feel most comfortable and safe. Just do the math regarding burglary in the US. Every 15 seconds a home is burglarized! There are many affordable home security products that you can use to vastly improve the chances that the 'bad guys' decide it's to risky at your house. Portable door and window alarms are extremely effective, yet require on installation or technical skills to operate. Wireless motion sensors and complete security alarms are attractive alternatives to expensive monitored systems. Do you have a daughter? If you do and you are like me; you need to figure out ways to channel your love in positive ways through education, awareness and trust. Think of each day as a new opportunity to teach and to educate. A new day to practice awareness skills and how to use a self defense product. Time to build strong bonds based on love and trust.
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