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Self Defense-Dog Attack Phobia

Do dogs cause you to change your behavior? Does the fear of getting chased or bitten by a dog send tingles up and down your spine? I know it does for me but then again I have some personal experience that justifies my feeling. What about you? What is your excuse for having dog attack phobia?

Nearly 40 years ago I got 82 stitches in my right forearm courtesy of a dog attack. That was the basis for my cynophobia. “Cynophobia is the abnormal fear of dogs. Animal phobias are among the most common of the specific phobias and 36% of patients who seek treatment report being afraid of dogs or cats. Cynophobia is especially debilitating because of the high prevalence of dogs in the United States estimated at over 62 million in 2003” that according to Wikipedia.

Just because over 5 million Americans every year get bitten by a dog doesn’t mean that you could be one of them. And just because over 1 million of those people require hospital visit to care for their wound doesn’t mean the same thing can’t happen to you.

And that statistic is just for the ones that are reported. Many other dog bites never get reported because they’re relatively minor.

The best thing is to avoid dogs altogether. Unfortunately for millions of Americans who love to get their exercise in the great outdoors by walking, jogging or cycling that just doesn’t seem feasible. The second best thing to do is to arm yourself with a self-defense product that can protect you against a dog attack and prevent you from getting bitten.

dog repellentWe have found that this Sabre Dog Pepper Spray has an effective range up to 15 feet and will improve your confidence and peace of mind while walking outdoors.

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