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Seven People Attacked By Bears

It is rare that bears attack humans unless the animal feels threatened or is being territorial. However, a girl who is 12-years old and was jogging in Michigan became the latest attack victim in a number of bear attacks. The attacks have been in five states with seven people injured since last Thursday. Officials are in the process of running tests on one bear killed by authorities to see if it is the same one responsible for mauling Abby Wetherell Thursday evening. The youngster is from Michigan and was on her nightly jog when a black bear ambushed her. Her mother said while the girl was jogging on her way home, the bear come from nowhere and attacked her. The girl was knocked to the ground and when she tried to get up the bear started to charge her. The rest of the story is HERE. She was unsure what to do at that time since she was severely injured, so she played dead. Officials also announced that attacks had taken place in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and as far north as Alaska. The incident in Michigan was very uncommon said officials. It is estimated that up to 10,000 bears live in Michigan but each year there are only on average two incidents of human to bear, said animal officials in the state. A member of the Department of Natural Resources in Michigan said that in general black bears are fearful of all human and usually will leave if they are aware a human are nearby.
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